In the course presenting “Post-Traumatic Winning” around the country I meet people who have gone through difficult times.  With this broadcast ALL MARINE RADIO begins to tell these stories, stories that demonstrate how the powerful ideas presented in Post-Traumatic Winning have positively impacted lives and how those lives have then positively impacted other lives.  I know you’ll be inspired by each of these individuals as much as I have been, their struggles and triumphs are what Post-Traumatic Winning is all about.

Today you’ll meet Josh Gilkey, a Marine Corporal whose brother raised him and was the principal influence in directing Josh to a better life. Tragically, Josh’s brother died at the age of 38 and his death rocked Josh’s world.  In this interview you’ll hear Josh, in his own words, talk about the blackness that filled his head after his brother’s death and how after sitting through Post-Traumatic Winning twice he’s now using his pain and his knowledge to help others — and in the helping of others he’s improving his own life each day.

A crisp ALL MARINE RADIO salute Cpl Josh Gilkey, USMC — our Post-Traumatic Winner of the Week.