Yet another, this time stunning, story about the twisted culture that US Navy SEALs exist in when they operate.  It appears the only “silence” the organization really observes is about telling the truth about their own undisciplined behavior — this time the subject is on display in a New York Times article that quotes NCIS investigative reports SEAL Team 7 members going to senior leaders with complaint of murder against Chief Edward Gallagher and being discouraged from pressing their complaints.  The story is stunning but typical for an organization that has lost its moral compass.  You can read the story HERE.

The lone encouraging point in the article is the moral courage that the junior members of SEAL Team 7 displayed in pressing this issue.  The swam against the culture of silence that surrounds these acts in the SEAL community, they swam against their immediate superiors in their chain of command by going beyond them to press this issue and for that we should all thank them.  The sad part of the story is that those SEALs will probably pay a price for not turning a blind eye to murder in a combat zone — BUT, they will be able to put their heads on their pillows and sleep the sleep of the righteous for the rest of their lives.  WELL DONE.