Two interesting stories in today’s news:

  1. The Chinese are taking a page out of the Russian Playbook… irregular forces… i.e. “Little Green” Russian Men in the Crimea & the Ukraine  =  Chineses fishing boats in the South China
  2. The U.S. Army has a new Commanding General of its recruit training branch – they’ve made substantial changes to that training pipeline as The Army Times points out:

    “Then CIMT did away with Advanced Individual Training platoon sergeants, bringing back drill sergeants to the program for more continuity with basic training, then increasing the ratio of drill sergeants to trainees across initial entry training and adding lieutenants to take pressure off of overworked cadre.

    And of course, the Army Combat Fitness Test ― six events measuring strength, agility and other skills ― went from the pilot to field-testing phases, with a roll-out scheduled for fall 2020. At the same time, teams of nutritionists, conditioning coaches and nutritionists are planned for every Army battalion, as part of the official Holistic Health and Fitness Initiative.”

    We’ll talk about both.