We met Leigh Tuttle several months ago when Reuters did a series of news articles about the deplorable living conditions that some military families endure in privatized on-base housing.  Since then we’ve watched as the Services have postured and made all the appropriate statements, but WHAT HAS BEEN DONE TO FIX THESE PROBLEMS.  Specifically:

  1. Are families now in living quarters that will not harm their health?
  2. Have Base Commanders taken on the role as the “advocate” for the service family and relinquished the role as bystander or advocate of the private housing provider?
  3. Have families been compensated for out of pocket expenses incurred by a system that was designed to ignore their problems?
  4. Is there a plan being formed to provide care for life for the health issues that have been caused by the living conditions (mold, lead paint, etc) that these military families were subjected to?

Leigh was recently honored as a “Military Spouse of the Year” by Armed Forces Insurance Company, we’ll talk about all of these issues with her.