Motivated by the level of interest in the subject of “discipline” among Marines these days, ALL MARINE RADIO will produce a series of interviews that will feature retired Marines discussing the subject, the series will be entitled “On Discipline.”  LtGen Paul Van Riper will kickoff the series next Tuesday, May 14th.  LtGen Van Riper will be followed in subsequent weeks by General James Mattis, LtGen Buck Bedard and LtGen Dennis Hejlik — best of all is that list keeps growing so stay tuned.

The intent of the “On Discipline” series of interviews is to provide a broader and deeper understanding of the link that exists between discipline and sustained success for professional military and business leaders.  The series will explore discipline as it relates to our civilian culture, as it relates to the individual and finally how discipline must exist in an organization for that organization to experience sustained success. We believe that the best way to learn about this compelling subject is to hear from leaders who have led organizations for decades, and all of our guests have done that.

Stay tuned for additions to this already compelling lineup.