In preparation for our upcoming BATTLEFIELD STUDY about Con Thien I looked at maps of Con Thien and did some reading about the OPERATIONS that were executed i the vicinity of Con Thien and  “Leatherneck Square” during 1967-1968 as the 3d Marine Division squared off against the People’s Army of North Vietnam:

  • Prairie 1-4
  • Hickory / Lam Son 54 / Beau Charger / Belt Tight
  • Cimarron
  • Buffalo
  • Hickory II
  • Kingfisher
  • Kentucky

I think it’s an important period of Marine Corps history because it’s the last time we fought a “near peer” — and enemy that would withstand our attack aviation and then arty us, mortar us, breech our wire and then attempt to kill us with small arms and flame throwers.  Any discussion of “near-peer” fighting out to start with a look at the battles around Con Thien in 1967-1968.

We’ll talk about it.