When I set out to share the wisdom that I had gained after interviewing Marines for three years about living with trauma, there were two groups that I knew were out there: (1) those who were currently struggling with trauma and (2) those who would struggle with trauma in the future.  In those three years I’d learned that nobody get through the “carwash of life” without getting wet.  During my last trip to Camp Lejeune I met a Marine who told me that after his Dad committed suicide in March of 2019 he KNEW what to do for himself, his family and his friends because he had unwillingly attended a Post-Traumatic Winning presentation in January 2019 aboard Camp Lejeune. This is HIS story.

I asked Sgt Doe (not his real name of course) to tell his story in order to inspire everyone who listens to touch the lives of others.  There is no drug or talk therapy that substitutes for changing someone else’s life — so use the “3 Goals & 9 Commandments” of Post-Traumatic Winning to change lives.  I promise you, you will never regret it and in the transforming of others… you will transform yourself.

AND… a special “thank you” to Sgt Doe for reaching out to me and sharing his story; he’s a baller.