Major Joe “Chick” Porrazzo, USMC explains things that most of us don’t understand relative to the USMC FA-18D and KC-130J that occured of the coast of Japan last December and killed six Marines. We’ll ask Joey to explain the following:

  • How are squadrons typically organized to fly at night?  Is it normal to have all captains leading those flights?
  • What does a “pre-flight” brief look like and does the lead pilot have access to his wingman’s training record?
  • What is the choreography around the tanker for the aircraft that are refueling?  Who does what when?
  • Who controls prescription drugs in a flying squadron?

Joey is currently a civilian contractor involved in training pilots, ALL MARINE RADIO is lucky to have him as an “expert” and want to say a huge “thank you” to Joey for explaining these things to us so we can understand what actually happened last December.  THANKS Joey!