Col Mary Reinwald, USMC (ret) is the Editor of Leatherneck Magazine and a member of the Huly Panel that General Neller installed in 2016 to look at evidence that John Bradley may not have been a member of the six man team that raised the second flag on Mount Suribachi on February 23, 1945 on Iwo Jima.  She joined us to discuss this week’s news that a second flag raiser, Rene Gagnon, has now been determined to not actually be in the photograph and that a Marine Corporal by the name of Harold “Pie” Keller was — for 74 years virtually unknown.

We’ll talk about her experience on the Huly Panel and her thought on this most recent revelation relative to the most iconic picture to come out of World War II.

The original Omaha World Herald article with GREAT images of the first and second flag raisings on Iwo Jima.