I met and interviewed retired Marine Corps LtCol Larry Rannals last week about the IWO JIMA MEMORIAL SERVICE & BANQUET that will be held at Camp Pendleton from 12-16, 2020.  In the aftermath of the interview Larry told me about a Marine he had met, a fellow San Clement CA resident who had fought on Iwo Jima and who would be attending the event for the first time in his life — he also asked me if I’d be interested in interviewing him.

In this interview you’ll meet a member of “The Greatest Generation” who thought he was joining the Navy, got “voluntold” he was in the Marine Corps and wound up on Iwo Jima as a machine-gunner in the 4th Marine Division — Tony Cappa.  Tony is a wonderful man, humble and full of humor — like most veterans you will meet.  His story is an interesting one from the way he was yanked into the Marine Corps to being discharged on the pier in San Diego after his ship docked.