I have grown accustomed to the power of the Post-Traumatic Winning presentation that I do around the nation and to the powerful reactions that it evokes  — that is until I presented it yesterday in Orlando at the US Air Force’s “Key Spouse Development and Training Conference” — their reaction to Post-Traumatic Winning was beyond what I am accustomed to experiencing.  I often say that Post-Traumatic Winning is “not a military thing” and the rightness of that statement was proven to me in a stronger way than ever before as I presented for two and a half hours to approximately three hundred US Air Force Key Spouses and Service Members who attended.  To say the least their response was powerful — the most powerful I have encountered yet.  It was a wonderful day spent with people committed to improving the lives of Service Families around the world.

It was an incredible experience… I met so many amazing women who are doing amazing things. GO AIR FORCE!