We continue our discussion about General Berger’s Planning Guidance with Col Thomas X. Hammes, USMC (ret). Col Hammes is currently a Distinguished Research Fellow, Center for Strategic Research at National Defense University and specializes in the area of Future Strategic Concepts; Humanitarian Assistance & Disaster Relief; Insurgency/Irregular Warfare.

Some of the things you’ll hear:

  • Drone warfare is coming
  • Long range rockets with pinpoint accuracy will dominate the Peer-to-Peer warfare of the future
  • The is a REVOLUTION, not the normal evolution of warfare
  • The “close with and destroy” part of the Marine Corps mission will be diminished
  • The Marine needs to get older and more experienced
  • The Marine Corps F-35 buy is too large, what is needed is DRONES with long legs, long time of flight and the ability to shoot and direct shooting