Major Janell Hanf, USMC is an achiever.  She’s a graduate of the US Naval Academy, and Marine Corps Logistician with a deployment to Afghanistan in support of Afghan Police efforts.   She joined ALL MARINE RADIO to discuss how all of us might recognize prolonged stress in our lives, internalize that we all need to focus on our own mental wellness and what each of us can do as leaders to raise awareness about and issue that most leaders deny effects them.

“I’ll just power through this…” until one day you can’t.  Awesome stuff from someone unafraid to go there.

The interview is in two parts:

  • Part 1:  We frame the interview — a discussion about the fact that the cumulative effect of working for years under stress can be significant — especially when you deny they exist
  • Part 2:  The interview about how stress manifested itself in Janell’s life and what she did about it