Being in the presence of Battle Buddies is the warmest place on earth, three of us who served together in Afghanistan were able to meet in Big Timber, Montana — myself up there doing Post-Traumatic Winning and Curt Knowles who brought is oldest son and Rob Schwarz who lives and works in Montana.  Below are some picture of our time together… and few days that none of us will ever forget.

Montana-Man doing a little fly fishing as F18-Man’s son looks on

F18-Man shooting from the prone position as Montana-Man spots. Max distance to shoot on the range is 1,000m

Shooting range that Montana-Man put up outside his garage. Awesome stuff.

The view from one of the “Lodges” on the property that Montana-Man manages

A view from one of the tallest points on Montana-Man’s ranch… not sure what words describe this kind of beauty other than MONTANA