Jack Riley was the subject of an ALL MARINE RADIO BATTLEFIELD STUDY that took a detailed look at the fight his squad participated in on March 30, 1967 known as The Battle of Getlin’s Corner. In a follow up interview Jack fields questions from listeners about the battle and the initial interview.

Jack answers questions about the following subjects:

  • Why did you receive no fire support during the battle?
  • What happened to the Battalion Commanding Officer and the Operations Officer as a result of the battle?
  • How did you deals with your own PTSD in an age that didn’t recognize the diagnosis?
  • When did you have your first reunion?  How did you find guys in your unit, there was no internet?
  • Did alcohol and drugs take a heavy toll on your Marines after they returned home from Vietnam?
  • What PTSD/mental health advice do you give veterans?

Jack Riley is a Post-Traumatic Winner, he embodies the selflessness that takes people from coexisting with trauma to winning.