On this day before Thanksgiving I wanted to catch up with people who have changed my life… who I’ve seen move out of very dark places and do amazing things… things that THEY never thought they’d be doing.  Here is today’s cast of incredible people:

  • Matt Kiker:  Matt joins me at the 41:01 mark of the interview and we’ll catch up with a truly amazing man… who was engulfed in blackness two years ago… who today is doing amazing stuff with his life
  • Luke Wikle:  Luke joins the program today at the 1 hour, 12 minute and 00 second mark of the show… Luke is the FIRST ‘Post-Traumatic Winner’… the first person I ever impacted with all the things I had learned during the first two years of ALL MARINE RADIO
  • Libby Wikle:  Libby happens to be Luke’s mom… she joins the program at the 1 hour, 46 minute and 10 second mark of the show… she is the person who taught me the transformative power of giving this post-traumatic wisdom… Libby changed my life.

Happy Thanksgiving… if you listen to these interviews… your holiday weekend with get off on the right foot!…..