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  • Don Rumsfeld’s legacy
  • Afghanistan appears to be folding before the Taliban… are you surprised?
  • Former high ranking Chinese Communist Party member, Ms. Cai Xia, expresses the following in a piece she wrote for the Hoover Institution of Stanford University:
    • “The CCP has the ambition of a hungry dragon but inside it is a paper tiger…”
    • She wrote that Washington should be “prepared for the possible sudden disintegration” of the party.
    • From the Wall Street Journal:  “By Ms. Cai’s reckoning, U.S. policy makers have miscalculated at every turn, from restoring relations after Beijing’s 1989 crackdown in Tiananmen Square to backing China’s entry into the World Trade Organization—“naiveté” that has emboldened the regime. While U.S. administrations have described China as a competitor, the Communist Party has always viewed the U.S. as a hostile adversary, she argues.”