Tim Lynch introduced me to Franz Marty’s work when he sent me his recent article that is linked to item #1 below.  Tim then introduced us and Franz graciously accepted my invitation to come on ALL MARINE RADIO and explain what he’s seeing in Afghanistan amidst the US and NATO pullout.  The interivew that you’ll hear is a wonderful discussion with someone who has lived in Afghanistan for the past six and a half years… who continues to report from Kabul and the provinces and is not American.

Here are some links to places you’ll find Franz’s work:

  1. Franz’s piece (that Tim Lynch sent to me) that appeared the the website Swiss Institute for Global AffairsWhat Recent Taliban Advances in Afghanistan Do and Do Not Mean
  2. Franz appears on “The Diplomat” website that you can find HERE
  3. This is the link to the Pay Desk website that Franz spoke of during our interview