Three retired Marine Infantry Officers — Colonel Will Costantini, Colonel Jeff Kenney & Major Tim Lynch join host Mike McNamara for an hour of current events discussion every Thursday here on ALL MARINE RADIO.


  • Afghanistan:  Intell picture
  • Afghanistan:  Ops picture
  • Three Districts (Banu, Deh Salah, Pol-e-Haser) in the Baghlan Province were reported to have pushed the Taliban out — Here is the report (see the map below)
  • NEO’s (Non-Comatant Evacuation Operations) generally happen in three phases (Boom-In, Evacuate, Drawdown-Depart) — what is that like?  Will & Jeff will tell us
  • ISIS and the Taliban — do they work together?
  • The threat of terrorism occuring at the Kabul Airport — we’ll talk about it