Three retired Marine Infantry Officers — Colonel Will Costantini, Colonel Jeff Kenney & Major Tim Lynch join host Mike McNamara for an hour of current events discussion every Thursday here on ALL MARINE RADIO.


  • In the past two weeks we’re not spoken about policiy decision… and we’ll change that today as we give our thoughts on the American failure in Afghanistan
  • The seond topic we’ll discuss is the dilemma that the Commandant of the US Marine Corps faces as the Corps consider formal discipline an Active-Duty Marine Officer who clearly violated the Uniform Code of Military Justice but whose comments have struck a deep chord in the US population.  The requirement for formal discipline in order to maintain “good order and discipline” in the Marine Corps seems obvious… but there will be a huge backlash politically, in the media (due to the viral nature of the original story) and on social media.  We’ll talk about it.