Grant Newsham is a senior research fellow at the Japan Forum for Strategic Studies, a senior research fellow at the Center for Security Policy and a retired United States Marine Officer. He was the first US Marine liaison officer to the Japan Ground Self Defense force and was instrumental in promoting the JSDF’s initial moves towards an amphibious capability.

Three retired Marine Infantry Officers — Colonel Will Costantini, Colonel Jeff Kenney & Major Tim Lynch join host Mike McNamara for an hour of current events discussion every Thursday here on ALL MARINE RADIO.


  • Grant Newsham: (1) Is China’s thinking relative Taiwan changing after watch the world reaction to Russia aggression in Ukraine? (2) China’s military budget… the footnotes are important
  • Tim Lynch: world reactions and changes in the past 24 hours
  • Mac: current operations update on the ongoing fight between Ukrainean and Russian forces
  • Will Costantini:  Economic events impacting the Ukraine//Russia fight
  • What’s Next:  what are you most interested to see in the next 24 hours?