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  3. Ken Kirkebey’s letter to the Wall Street Journal 
From:     kenneth kirkeby
To: <>
Subject: WSJ Weekend Article 3/12-13 “The World, Moved….” by Peggy Noonan
Ladies or Gentlemen,
Escalation hysteria is the new COVID. Putin, self-elected arbiter of what constitutes an “act of war”, is not to be provoked lest he reach for the nuclear switch. Infuriate a tyrant and it’s a guaranteed twister, Auntie Em!
Ms. Noonan and others have forgotten, if they ever knew, how close the world came to a nuclear exchange in 1973 during the Yom Kippur War. As Soviet-backed Egypt and Syria invaded the Sinai Peninsula and Golan Heights, Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir ordered the arming of 20-kiloton warheads on Jerico missiles while she pleaded to the world for support. The world’s reply was to sit on its hands.
Except for US President Nixon. Against the histrionics of his advisor generals and Henry Kissinger that it could provoke a Soviet nuclear retaliation, Nixon began Operation Nickle Grass in which 22,000 tons of tanks, artillery, ammo and supplies were sent from the US to Israel, including over 100 F-4 Fighter aircraft. Traditional European allies were so intimidated by the Soviets that they refused to allow USAF planes to refuel or even overfly their countries during the operation. Nixon had to arrange for refueling and staging in Portugal’s Azores Islands. Nixon acted courageously and alone and was able to supply Israel with enough weapons and equipment to save it from defeat.  Nixon was not afraid to face down the Soviets. Aware of their nuclear arsenal, Nixon knew ours was superior.
The only rational, long-term approach to Ukraine’s crisis is to stand up to Putin now while he is slowed-down, desperate and losing. Backing Ukraine, with fighter aircraft, will not only enable the Ukrainians but send a clear message to China, Iran and other gangster regimes feeling their oats against the US. When told the Israelis needed planes Nixon’s reply was to “send them everything that flies.” That should be America’s reply, as well.
Thank you.
Kenneth Kirkeby
Decatur, TX