Iwo Jima landing remembered, the FBI & VA struggle and other DOD Headlines

Andrew Napolitano
Retired New Jersey Superior Court Judge
Fox News Contributor

QUESTION:  last week I asked — is it was too much to think that FBI Agents in Mississippi who received a tip from a YouTube blogger about Florida high school shooter Nikolas Cruz, search for that name in the ATF firearms database (he spells it uniquely)?

ANSWER:  Fox News Contributor and former Judge Andrew Napolitano says that’s exactly what they should have done.

TRUTH:  still waiting to find out if the FBI would devote that kind of work to such a nebulous tip.  However, they thought it was significant enough to go conduct an interview with the YouTube page owner.

More to follow.

73 Years after the landing on Iwo Jima we listen to reports and audio from February 19, 1945

Iwo Jima
February 19, 1945

Seventy-three years ago today Marines and Sailors went ashore on the island of Iwo Jima, the audio record is incredible from reporters observing from battleships, to reporters embedded with Marine infantry units in the landing to USMC Combat Correspondents filing reports from the battlefield.

Most unique in the audio you’ll hear is audio from A Company, 4th Tank Battalion as they fight ashore, engaging the Japanese and as they seek a way off the beach in order to support the infantry assault on Air Field #1.

You’ll also hear network audio as the major networks broke into “regular programming” to update the American public on progress on an island they had never heard of:  Iwo Jima, which all knew was on the doorstep of mainland Japan.