Bacon, Bacon, Bacon and the AMR Bookie speaks

The ALL MARINE RADIO Head Chef joined us to talk the fine points of bacon selection and preparation.  We also talk how to prepare and store “everyday bacon” that goes on all types of dishes.

The “Big Salami” also premiers as our “bookie” and gives a few lead-pipe lock picks for this weeks baseball playoff games and college football games.

CHEF KIM HOLMES: how to make great HAM & BACON!

Kim Holmes
Official AMR Chef

In honor of Kim’s 73rd birthday, we talk ham’s, just in time for Easter!  What to buy, how to prepare and then how to cook and service!  Escalloped potatoes are also discussed as a side dish.

THEN, we turn to BACON!!!!  A wonderful food and Kim give great pointers on what to buy and how to prepare… as well as dishes that take bacon very well.