Reflecting on “Protect What You’ve Earned” — What does that Mean?

LtCol John Keenan, USMC

LTCOL JOHN KEENAN, USMC joins us to discuss his article “Reflecting on Protect What You’ve Earned” which reflects on the Commandant’s challenge to Marines to behave better to preserve what they’ve worked for.

An interesting discussion about negative leadership in today’s Marine Corps.  LtCol Keenan, an IG currently, talks leadership advice for young leaders.

MARINE CORPS GAZETTE HOUR: Capt Eric Hovey — “Dance With the One That Brought You — An innovative culture will save USMC unmanned aviation before buying Air Force technology will”

Captain Eric Hovey

Captain Eric Hovey advocates for a smarter use of the RQ-21, a Marine Corps Program of Record and a better understanding of procurement system for all leaders in the Marine Corps.