1st Marine Division CG MajGen Eric Smith is rebuked by USN-USMC appeals court… GOOD FOR HIM — and other DOD Headlines

MajGen Eric M. Smith
Commanding General
1st Marine Division

Marine Corps Times reported today that MajGen Eric Smith, the CG of the 1st Marine Division, “was rebuked by a military appeals court for his “personal interest” and bias in overseeing a hazing court-martial” —- GOOD FOR HIM!  Hazing is a significant problem that endures in the Marine Corps and the Corps needs STRONG leaders to take HARD stances.  Most senior officers shrink from strong stances, not extending themselves because that effort might risk a promotion to a higher rank.

The POLITICALLY CORRECT general officers of today need to be more blunt.

In the case in question, there was no mention of the actions that the Marine in question took… hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, but MajGen Smith’s attempt to eliminate hazing from the Division is out of bound!  GARBAGE.  The purpose of the UCMJ is “to promote good or and discipline” — is that a thing of the past?

A MORNING IN THE MIDST OF HEROES: 77 Years of Valor on display at the 1st Marine Division Battle Colors Rededication

1st Marine Division Band

Battle Streamers being attached to the Division Battle Colors by the CG

Remarks by the CG of the 1st Marine Division, MajGen Eric Smith

1st Marine Division Association — Team Picture

Former Division CG MajGen Richard C. McMonagle, USMC (ret)

It’s not often that one feels small when you make your living in the media because you have “a voice,” but on Friday, February 2, 2018 at the Headquarters of the 1st Marine Division one could not help but feel insignificant.  The Division rededicated its Battle Colors with the veterans who have written many of those chapters on hand.  It was humbling to simply be in their midst.

As always, the Division Band entertained and one by one the honors accorded to the historic 1st Marine Division by virtue of its valor in combat were placed on the Division’s Battle Colors.  Each streamer was brought to the Battle Colors by veterans of the Division, each escorted by a Marine currently serving in the Division. MajGen Eric Smith, the CG of the Division, spoke of the weight of the Division’s history and how mindful today’s 1st Division Marines are of the long shadow that is cast over them and how they strive to live up to the standards that the Division has written over the course of its 77 year history.

The “training highlight” of the day for this writer was to see the first Division Commander that I served under, MajGen Richard C. McMonagle, USMC (ret) and to stand at the position of attention in the midst of heroes, the Marines and Sailors who have written the incredible chapters in the history of the 1st Marine Division, to see them in their 60’s, 70’s, 80’s and 90’s proudly stand at attention or close to it as the Marines Hymn boomed in the Southern California air.