Excerpts from the Reports on the collisions of the USS Fitzgerald & USS McCain

The reports on the collisions of the USS Fitzgerald and the USS McCain are incredible to read and as promised we’ll take a look at the both reports and the stunning events that unfolded on both bridges prior to their collisions.

USS McCain

USS Fitzgerald

“Commander Salamander” talks issues surrounding the collisions in the Surface Fleet of the U.S. Navy

CDR Salamander

CDR Salamander is a retired U.S. Navy surface warfare officer,  he’s done a blog and podcast (Midrats) for the last decade on issue that impact the U.S. Navy.  He joined us to discuss the functioning of the bridge on a U.S. Navy warship, operational temp, training and education and upper echelon leadership that all have a hand in the issues that we have watched kill sailors in the U.S. 7th Fleet.