CROSSROADS: Matt Morgan and Jerry Judge… two combat vets, a microphone and a war story


Matt Morgan
LtCol USMC (ret)
Producer, “The Unknown Flag Raiser of Iwo Jima”

“Inspired by Sebastian Junger’s  call for combat veterans to share their experiences with all Americans, Matt Morgan set out to create an environment where vets would feel comfortable doing just that. He knew that the combat experience wasn’t the kind of thing you presented in a TED Talk, and while books like Redeployed or A Rumor of War have become classics, very few vets truly ever feel their time in uniform was so unique that they should write a memoir.  Yet, every combat vet has a story, and in most cases, if asked, they’d share it with a fellow vet. That’s how Crossroads was born. It’s two vets talking war stories. There just happens to be a mic there. So you can listen in.”

Jerry Judge
Vietnam 1965


MORGAN… two combat vets, a microphone and some war stories.

Our guy Matt Morgan {LtCol USMC (ret)} sits down with Jerry Judge, former Marine Sgt and squad leader, and talks about his time as a grunt in Vietnam in 1965. Jerry retired high school principal in Kalkaska, Michigan and is an Associate Professor at Grand Valley State University. GREAT STUFF!!!!!!