CHEF KIM HOLMES: never screw up grilling again!! The ONLY grilling tips you’ll ever need

Kim Holmes
Official AMR Chef

The ALL MARINE RADIO Chef, Kim Holmes, gives you the BEST advice you’ll ever need about grilling.  If you’ve always wanted to be a GREAT griller then is advice you need

THE PREP:  meat selection, bringing meat to room temperature, oiling and seasoning.

Setting up your grill:  both direct heat and indirect heat will be required for the PERFECT steak.

Searing:  why it’s important to sear and how you do it.  How to cook the exterior of the steak to perfection and this won’t take long!  Once seared, we move the steak to “indirect heat” (no flame underneath) for the duration of it’s time on the grill.

Using a Meat Thermometer:  ESSENTIAL to the process!  With a BLUETOOTH digital meat thermometer and the associated app on your cellphone, all you do is select the meat (or poultry, fish etc) and the desired endstate (rare, medium rare etc) and you’re done.  Your phone gets warnings and monitors the internal temperature of the steak!  It’s a think of beauty.

Listen to the full interview in order and NEVER mess up grilling again.

Bon appetite!