Investing in Marines — Getting the best return: Carl Forsling

Carl Forsling
Maj USMC (ret)

Carl Forsling is a retire Marine Osprey pilot , businessman and a writer for the website Task & Purpose.  He joined the program to talk about his article that won the Marine Corp Gazette’s 2016 Kiser Family Irregular Warfare Essay Contest with his entry entitled:  Investing in Marines: Getting the Best Return.

Carl also discusses how a MV-22 Osprey executes a controlled water landing.


 I would like to add the following comments to your recent show discussing the crash of the 31st MEU.
The helo dunker is decent training, I say decent because their is NO WAY anyone can make the dunker realistic. The speed and violence that is involved in an actual crash can’t be duplicated in a controlled environment. Your guest mentioned how they can’t have the amount of gear that Marines usually take on the bird as well.

One thing that your guest stated was talking about the egress points of the MV-22, I would say that knowing your egress points are only moderately important since there is no saying that the bird will be in only one piece. People who have never been in a crash are only providing a second hand opinion, I say this because I have first hand experience in this.

We crashed Aug 29th, 1986.

The helo we were in broke into 5 pieces after we hit another helo on the flight deck, we had crossed into the Arctic Circle earlier that day and the water temperature was 42degrees. It is a tragedy to lose any Marine, to have only lost 3 out of 26 is truly a miracle. We lost 8 out of 21 on our crash…..

The Corps needs to do a much better job of preparing our Marines for these type of crashes.

Semper Fi

Patrick Melton