Senate Armed Service Committee Hearing on “Afghanistan” Part 2 and Today’s News Headlines

Secretary Mattis, Chairman Dunford

Col Joe Dunford, USMC
MajGen James Mattis, USMC
Iraq, 2003

We’ll complete listening to yesterday’s Senate Armed Service Hearing on “Afghanistan” with Secretary Mattis and Chairman Dunford testifying.

We’ll also talk about the headlines of the day.

The NFL pickle, USMC Infantry Officer standards & General Dunford and transgender service

John Ubaldi
MGySgt USMC (ret)
Founder, The Ubaldi Reports

John Ubaldi of The Ubaldi Reports, joined us to for (1) an update on how post-hurricane south Florida is doing, (2) his thoughts on how the NFL gets out of the national anthem pickle they find themselves in, (3) does the first female USMC Infantry Officer validate the approach and the standards of the leadership of the Marine Corps relative to the issue of women in the infantry and (4) the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff told the Senate Armed Service Committee that he believes that transgender individuals that pass the physical & mental requirements ought to be able to serve, we’ll talk about it.

LEADERSHIP 101: SECDEF James Mattis and General Joseph Dunford USMC

James Mattis
Secretary of Defense

Tuesday, June 06 2017,  Hour 1

OUR INAUGURAL EDITION — LEADERSHIP 101:  The Secretary of Defense spoke at the commencement at the USMA at West Point recently and as usual, he had profound things to say to ALL LEADERS present.

General Joseph Dunford is the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, he delivered the keynote address at commence of this year’s graduating class at the US Air Force Academy — his address is outstanding.

Gen Joseph Dunford, USMC
Joint Chiefs of Command