Karl Marlantes talks racism in Vietnam & feedback from the Burns/Novick documentary “The Vietnam War”

Karl Marlantes
1stLt USMC, Receiving the Navy Cross
And… today…. sage writer

Karl Marlantes chronicled the issue of “race” in his Vietnam War novel Matterhorn, he joins us to talk about how race was a part of daily life in Vietnam and how the issue changed from when you were “in the rear” and when you were “in the bush.”

Karl also discusses the varied reactions he’s received on the Ken Burns/Lynn Novick documentary “The Vietnam War” which aired on PBS this past Fall.

America’s “GREATEST GENERATION” Fought in Vietnam

Marines in Vietnam

The Gunner briefly gives his thoughts on the “protest” controversy in the NFL (he’s not watching any more) and then the Boys discuss their thoughts on watching the Ken Burns series that is airing on PBS entitled “The Vietnam War.”

There are things from the series that have made an incredible impression on them: (1) the lies that Cabinet Secretaries told, (2) the nobility of those who believed and fought, (3) a flaming B-52 falling from the sky at night, (4) POW reunions with their families, (5) Jane Fonda making broadcasts about American POW’s and called their execution justifiable, (6) the lies of three Presidents and (7) Richard Nixon’s criminality.

Mike Musselman and Mike McNamara agree on one thing, the American’s who fought in Vietnam, who came home to be treated terribly, who became our teachers and coaches ARE “THE GREATEST AMERICAN GENERATION” — no other group has been asked to give as much as they given.