Correcting the Myths of the Vietnam War: Bob Del Vecchio, USMC

Bob Del Vecchio

Bob Nilsson (the Guardian Angel of ALL MARINE RADIO) recently sent me a link to a lecture that R.J. “Bob” Del Vecchio, a Marine Combat Cameraman in Vietnam, did in Atlanta before the Atlanta Vietnam Veterans Business Association on the subject of “Correcting the Myths of the Vietnam War” on February 6, 2018.  Bob does an great job presenting facts that round out the narrative of PBS’s “The Vietnam War.”  So, IF you watched the Burns/Novick PBS Documentary “The Vietnam War” you MUST watch this — Bob Del Vecchio’s presentation lends itself to a broader understanding of the Vietnam War, what the documentary omitted and and the facts about some very substantial events during the Vietnam War.

To Bob Del Vecchio — well done Marine!