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In our first year we have been fortunate to have incredible guests who have opened their lives to us and shared their thoughts on a variety of subjects related to the culture of the Marine Corps.  Here are some of them, but without a doubt, the list is incomplete.  Browse or do a Search on our “Podcast” page for all of our work since we began on June 2, 2016.


General Robert Neller, USMC, Commandant: Gender Integration, Aviation Readiness & Post-Combat Related Mental Health 

SSgt Jeremiah Workman, USMC (ret):   Navy Cross recipient for combat in the city of Fallujah in 2004 — Living with PTSD

General Tony Zinni, USMC (ret), CG CENTCOM, US Envoy to the Middle East Peace Process:  Vietnam, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, how the US uses military power to achieve National Goals, post-combat related mental health, gender integration and current events in the Marine Corps.

General John Kelly, USMC (ret):  Career, Leadership and Post-Combat Related Mental Health 

SgtMaj Bryan Zickefoose, USMC, currently the II MEF SgtMaj and one of the great infantryman in our Corps:  His career, leadership in combat, discipline and current issues in the Marine Corps.

SgtMaj Wayne Bell, USMC (ret), former SgtMaj of the 1st Marine Division for the “March Up” and during the Division’s 2004 deployment to Al Anbar when it blew up:  His career, leadership, being MajGen Mattis’s SgtMaj.

General John Allen, USMC (ret), currently the President of the Brookings Institution:  Grand Strategy 

SSgt Charlie Linville, USMC (ret): Recovering both physically and mentally from amputation & climbing Mount Everest

PFC Cal Humphrey, USMC:  Being a Squad Leader on Iwo Jima 

Col Barney Barnum, USMC (ret), a recipient of the Congressional Medal of Honor for actions against the North Vietnamese Army joined us to discuss his career, leadership and the work of the Congressional Medal of Honor Society.

Carrie Reilly, Army widow:  Dealing with suicide

Shaundra Meyers, Army widow:  Winning against the VA with John Dowd’s assistance

John Dowd, former 1stLt USMC, renown lawyer and Veteran Advocate:  Free Legal Advice for Veterans

MajGen Eric Smith, then a LtCol USMC:  Fighting in Ramadi as the CO of 1/5 (interview done in 2005)

LtGen Rusty Blackman, USMC (ret):  USMC Heritage Foundation and the National Museum of the Marine Corps

Sebastian Junger, Author:  His book “TRIBE” – is a study in post-combat related mental health

Karl Marlantes, former 1stLt USMC, Vietnam War, Navy Cross recipient:  His book “What It’s Like to Go to War” 

Ken Rogers, USMC, award winning documentary filmmaker: Khe Sahn 

LtCol Charles Neimeyer, USMC (ret), Director Marine Corps Historical Division:  Iwo’s Second Flag Raisers 

LtCol Matt Morgan, USMC (ret), Television Producer: The Unknown Flag Raiser of Iwo Jima 

Eric Hammel, Author: Beirut 

LtCol John D. Harrill, USMC (ret): Leadership, combat deployments to Ramadi and Afghanistan, Post-Combat Related Mental Health

Stephen Foley, Irish Amateur Historian: Correcting the identities of the Iwo Jima Flag Raisers 

Col Phil Smith, USMC (ret): Grenada and Beirut

LCpl Sara Rudder, USMC (ret), athlete, amputee: September 11, 2001 at the Pentagon, Warrior Games update

BGen Ron Baczkowski, USMC (ret): Beirut, Post-Combat Related Mental Health

Colby Williamson, Cpl USMC: Amazon Military Recruiting Manager 

Katie White, Cpl USMC:  Life as a junior female Marine 

Col T.X. Hammes, USMC (ret), National Defense University: Leadership, Post-Combat Related Mental Health

Gunner Mike Musselmann, USMC (ret): Guns 

David J. Furness, BGen, USMC Office of Legislative Affairs: Latest trip to Iraq & Afghanistan, Post-Combat Related Mental Health

Curt “Rudy” Knowles, LtCol USMC (ret), F-18 pilot: Inside the cockpit of an F-18 while doing gun runs, what’s going on, how we deconflict by time, space and distance.

Bing West, former Marine Officer and writer: National Power, General Officers and Politics, Vietnam and his latest book – “One Million Steps: A Marine Platoon at War”

Jailene De La Cruz, former Marine Cpl: Life as a junior female Marine 

Col Duffy White, USMC (ret), Bn CO during the “March Up” and RCT CO in Afghanistan: Leadership lessons from two wars and Marine Corps currents events.

LtCol Aaron O’Connell, USMCR, currently an Associate Professor of History at the U.S. Naval Academy:  Joins us to discuss his book “UNDERDOGS: The Making of the Modern Marine Corps” and current events.

Diana Tsai and Daniel Rau, Co-Founders of VETERATI, a veteran mentoring service that matches mentors with mentees based on their LinkedIn profiles:
Transitioning, finding jobs, finding good advice that contributes to a better transition, finding job from the “inside”

Carrie Costantini, Marine wife, Key Wife and veteran activists:
The experience of being a Key Wife during OIF and OEF.

LtCol Kate Germano, LtCol USMC (ret) and currently the COO at the Service Women’s Action Network (SWAN):  Kate is an accomplished Marine Officer as well as a writer, most recently this article in Task & Purpose: Recruiting More Women into The Marine Corps Is Only Half the Solution

MajGen Jarvis Lynch, MajGen USMC (ret):  His career and experiences as an Operations Officer in Vietnam, CG of 2nd FSSG and CG of Parris Island as well as gender integration and post-combat related mental health.

Captain Brett Friedman, USMC:  Joins us to talk about his career, his latest article in the Marine Corps Gazette “C2 in the 21st Century” and current events in the Marine Corps.

Col Anne Weinberg, USMC (ret),  Gender Integration Task Force

1stSgt CRAIG CORSI, USMC (ret),  Joins us to discuss his career and his life as a Drill Instructor at MCRD Parris Island where he serves as both a Drill and a Senior Drill Instructor.

CAPT MAGGIE JONES, USMC, Joins us to discuss her article, published in the September issue of the Marine Corps Gazette, entitled “Gender Integration in the Recruit Training Environment.”

JOHN C. STEVENS III, Marine veteran, trial lawyer, judge and author of the book “Court-Martial at Parris Island, The Ribbon Creek Incident” Joins us to discuss the specifics of an incident most Marines know of but know little about. We’ll talk about “Ribbon Creek” in detail, the structure of Recruit Training at the time, the supervision, the individuals involved, the incident itself, the USMC legal response and the institutional changes that occurred.